Ignition Modifications

Coil upgrade

There is really only 1 modification to ignition that is an improvement, and that is to upgrade the coils to more durable ones.

  • The BHR ignition is popular, solid, warrantied, and has great vendor support
  • There are a few Mazsport kits left that show up for sale from time to time, but you won't have any support if something goes wrong.
  • Race Roots markets a similar kit as the Mazsport one (they used to work together)
  • And occasionally unnamed kits show up on Ebay as well, but buy at your own risk.

At the core of the differences between the kits is the coil selection and how well the kit installs into available space in the RX-8's engine bay. You can DIY these kits, but you will be paying about the same in the end, so for many it's simply a time and energy savings to buy a pre-made kit.

Spark Plug Wire upgrade

The OEM plug wires are plenty capable of handling the coil's current. But they can still fade and fail over time. "Upgrades" here don't improve the ignition at all, but can remove a failure point if the OEM wires are old.

Spark Plug Upgrade

Don't. The OEM plugs really are the best plugs for our engine. The only exception to this is if you turbocharge or supercharge your engine, you may need a different plug to deal with the different conditions in the engine. The plug's life is largely based on how dirty our engines burn, so getting a different plug for "longer life" is about the same as wearing different colored underwear so you can go longer between changes. They will still get dirty just as fast. There are no better performing plugs out there. If you find one that is cheaper, it won't be any better performing, and anything more expensive won't show any gains before they get dirty from the carbon.

Good Grounding

Every part of your electrical system depends on the condition of the wiring. The positive power is shielded, protected, and routed carefully. The grounding is not. By it's nature, the ground connections are usually exposed to the elements, and corrode over time which in turn loosens them and breaks the connection it has. Ensuring the chassis, engine block, and alternator are cleanly and completely grounded prevents a deterioration in many things due to fading grounds. Solid grounds can make a dramatic difference in your ignition quality if your OEM grounds are weakening.