Interior Modifications


Many aftermarket seats fit the RX-8, however most of them will lead to codes and problems with the airbag system. This is largely in part due to the sensors that are within the seat to detect the presence of an occupant, as well as the position of the seat so that the appropriate airbag charge can be made. The side airbags are also located in the side bolster of the seat itself, which can contribute to the difficulties. These are all correctable, but expect to face them.

Steering wheel

There are no particular guidelines regarding steering wheel selection other than what you prefer. However, if you change your steering wheel, you can expect to have issues with airbag related trouble codes, similar to the seat ones noted above. They are not unpassable however.

Caution: Any work with the steering wheel MUST be done with the battery completely disconnected! Failure to remove the battery as the power source can lead to an accidental airbag trigger, which will cost several thousand to remedy, in addition to having the potential of causing serious injury if they go off with you, someone else, the disconnected steering wheel, and/or tools or other items laying around are unfortunately placed.


Frankly, I'm not an audio guy. I'm moderately tone deaf and don't understand the nuances of what makes one audio system better than an other. If you are interested in the audio options, I recommend reading this thread to start, and going from there with the help from the forum as needed: Frequently Asked Audio Questions!