Wait. Why would anyone in their right mind by an RX-8?

If you have read through even just a few other articles, the message seems to be practically screaming at you not to buy an RX-8 isn't it? Well, yes and no. If you are hearing that loud and clear, and do not place much value in things like "joy", then this isn't the car for you. Find something else. We have no interest in owners that hate the car because they purchased it with their eyes shut and then got punched in the face for wandering around the rotary world without paying attention. The RX-8 has issues, yes. But so do plenty of other cars out there. Cars that people pursue passionately despite constant problems. Pretty much the entire British and Italian sports car and roadster categories fall under this. It doesn't take much looking to find that just about any car of passion has both sides of the passion coin.

You will become emotional about this car unless you ignore it and move elsewhere. It will happen.

And that's really the whole point. We love this car. It's an emotion to us. Inherently not logical or reasonable. The people that dislike the 8 do so passionately as well. Everyone likes to come up with logical reasons to like or dislike it, but in the end it's all about how the car you drive makes you feel. If the only way your car impacts you is not feeling wallet-raped every month, then you are going to bias toward cost efficient cars. For some ex-owners that hate the RX-8, the feeling is one of devastation, anger, even betrayal. Largely, those owners bought it and either tried to make it something it's not, or bought it without any idea of what they were getting into.

For most of us, the only feeling we pursue is that what plasters that grin to our face. And everyone gets it differently.

The costs of ownership are high for us. But so are the rewards. For most of us, the rewards outweigh the costs. The reward of joy is something that we passionately pursue. Continually. It never gets old, it never becomes something less valuable. For many of us, that joy is what life is all about, and we found something that speaks to us, something that gets us there.

Definitely rule out any vehicles that don't make sense financially. But if it's between two or more cars that are all reasonably affordable to you, you will end up picking the one that makes you feel the best. Or gives you the feelings you are seeking most accurately. Too many people out there only want their car to leave them alone. They don't want anything having to do with cars, but in the end still have one because of the basic need for transportation. They want to be isolated from the road, from other cars, from other people. They want the car to be efficient so it doesn't cost them too much, they want it reliable so they don't have to pay attention to it.

To anyone that asks, I always tell them: Find a car that speaks to you. Find one you enjoy. One that puts a smile on your face. There is nothing else like it. It doesn't have to be a rotary, good handling, or even pretty. If it fits you, then it's a perfect fit. Enjoy!