Before You Buy

If you haven't purchased an RX-8 yet, GOOD!

I bet you weren't expecting that.

It's good that you are researching a multi-thousand dollar purchase before making that purchase! The fact that you are here before purchasing an RX-8 means that you are much more likely to have a good ownership experience, if you still decide to purchase an RX-8. If you decide not to purchase an RX-8, then that is also good, since it means that you would likely have regretted it later. Disappointed, jaded, ignorant, arrogant, or misinformed past owners are the primary source of all the myths and bad information about the RX-8, so if you won't enjoy owning one, it is better for you, me, and other future owners that you don't make that purchase.

...and yes, much of what you are about to read is bad. It has scared away many potential owners that decided that they didn't want to live with the financial or emotional costs of owning this car. There ARE a lot of myths and pieces of misinformation out there, and ALL of them have some basis in fact. But like most 3rd, 4th, 6th, 10th, or 100th string messages, they are garbled, misapplied, lost in translation, and generally worthless. The RX-8 isn't as bad as most uninformed make it out to be, but then, it has it's own real problems that have to be understood.

The short explaination is that the public misinformation is about a flawed car that can't possibly be reliable, when the truth is that it is a flawed car that is incredibly reliable as long as you understand the problems and take care of the car correctly. People that don't accept this are really just refusing to accept any sort of responsibility in properly maintaining a very high strung and quirky car.

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