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  • Reputable Vendors
    • Black Halo Racing, a vendor of the quality that doesn't come along very often. Top notch product quality paired with honest and GOOD customer service. The owner will not sell you something you don't need, won't lie to you, and won't leave you stranded with one of his products. Located in Phoenix, Arizona. The owner is also extremely knowledgable in the RX-8, with specific expertise in drivetrain, ignition, and engine topics.
    • Mazmart, a top notch Mazda parts vendor. They carry some aftermarket products, but they are primarily an OEM parts supplier, both new and used parts. The new parts they get are directly out of Mazda's supply chain, just like a dealer, but they won't grossly inflate their prices the way dealers do. It is rare that they can't give you the best price available for a new OEM part. This includes everything from gaskets to entire engine blocks. Located in Atlanta, Georgia
    • Rotary Resurrection, the cheapest high quality engine rebuilder available in the US. He is a standup and very honest guy, who understands that what you want and what you can afford are often two different things. He specializes in budget rebuilds and you can trust in the quality of his work, within the agreement you have with him. Just keep in mind that if you insist he re-use parts that he recommends against, that's your fault, not his.
    • ..more vendors will be added as I have time. Exclusion from this list does not mean that a given vendor isn't reputable.