You may be arriving on this site because you have a problem that you need solving, and are jumping here first. If you are aware of the contents of the Before You Buy section, Understanding the RX-8 section, and Maintaining Your RX-8 section, you should really take the time to go to those sections and read them thoroughly. MOST common problems with the RX-8 arre avoidable just by knowing the contents of those sections, and they may give you some insight into why you currently have an issue that you are trying to solve. If not, they are still very important things to know, and will help you better understand the car you are troubleshooting, which means you will better understand the troubleshooting assistance provided in this section.

Additionally, if you look through the troubleshooting help here and find yourself saying "Well, that's close, but my problem is different in this specific way", then be aware that you very well may have the solution in hand. There are so many ways to describe a given symptom that your way of describing it may differ from mine. This becomes even more difficult when we are just exchanging text to describe something that is felt, smelled, seen, or heard. I will attempt to provide as much clarity as possible, but keep a flexible mind about what else your symptom could be described as.