Technical Service Bulletins

Many people are confused about the difference between a Recall, a TSB, and a Special Program. All 3 are very similar in that they are a special set of instructions to the dealer, but there are some very important differences.


  • does not have a notification sent to owners
  • is recorded against a VIN if it is used
  • is only a set of instructions for how the dealer should address a given problem
  • will only be "free" to the customer if there is an applicable warranty left
  • could cover anything

Series 1 Master List on Technical Service Bulletins

Series 2 Master List on Technical Service Bulletins

There are dealer service tips and dealer information advisorys in this list in addition to the TSBs. Many of these documents also apply to more than just the RX-8

Pay attention to the vehicle identification information within the document. Some of these TSBs are very specific to model years, VIN ranges, build dates, geographical region, and/or specific equipment installed.